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About Us


International Voice Talents of Korea (IVTK) aims to bring together voice talents of all languages to strengthen our community through consolidation, education, and promotion of voice over artists working in Korea.


The voice acting community in Korea is made up of a diverse collection of talents covering many levels of experience, sometimes with vastly different approaches to the business of voice acting. In an effort to unify our approach and thereby create a cohesive, supportive network; we are forming this group to enable open communication that will lead to setting a higher standard for ourselves and our industry.


In order to improve our community’s knowledge of business practices and to encourage self-development, we will hold regular meetings and paid workshops including, but not limited to, the following areas of expertise:

  • Etiquette (business/booth/social)
  • Communication/common phrases (Kor/Eng)
  • Voice over skills/requirements/self-care
  • Engineering techniques
  • Studio hardware and software
  • How to self-promote
  • Content creation (script writing/vid making/etc)

Workshops will be conducted by veterans of our own community and invited professionals working in the industry abroad.


To promote our members to clients in Korea and abroad, we will create a bilingual online database (Korean and English), which will showcase our talents and professionalism. Our goal is to create a more profitable and equitable working environment in order to enhance the careers of the international voice acting community in Korea.